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Small, Blue Rolled Brim With Light Blue and Red Chevron

The body of the hat is knitted in royal blue, with a red edge around the bottom of the brim. A light blue and red chevron is knitted into the hat intarsia style before felting. Like all rolled brim hats, the brim can be worn rolled up or pulled down. Pull it all the way down for the 60's Audrey Hepburn look, Or pull the front and sides down for the 50s James Dean look. 


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Measure for Hat

How to Measure Head Size.

Head sizes vary from pin-head (The Hat Lady) to pumpkin head (you know who you are).  The size of the hat is indicated in the description of each hat.  It is important to order the correct size. "Hats with Attitude" can be made to fit any head size.  If you have an outlier head, you might want to consider having a hat custom made. 

  • 19 & 1/2" - 21 & 1/2" = Small
  • 22" - 23" = Medium
  • 23 & 1/2" - 24 & 1/2" = Large